Nevada County DUI Defense Attorney

As an introduction, my name is Michael Phillips and I assume since you are researching driving under the influence, you or a family member has been arrested for DUI. Hopefully, you will notice right away some important differences about my site.

First, there are no pictures of handcuffs, flashing police lights, jail bars or folks doing field sobriety tests under the watchful eye of a policeman. Frankly, you probably have enough stress already - and one of my most important jobs as a DUI attorney, is to lower your stress, not increase it.

Second, unlike most of the DUI attorneys on the internet, I don’t use scare tactics, salespeople or try and impress you with victories which can’t be proven. To be sure a DUI charge is serious, but the best thing to do is arm yourself with knowledge. As the saying goes, “knowledge is power” and the last thing the prosecutor wants you to have is power. Hopefully, you find my site a good start to figure out what your options are and answer your basic questions. On my web page, I provide straightforward information about me, my firm and my philosophy.

Third, if you call my office, my staff will put your call through to me. Not a salesperson. I invite you to read through this site or call me to discuss your case free of charge. I will give you an honest appraisal of the charges, your situation and the options you have. No legalese, just straight talk. And if I am not the attorney for you, I will do my utmost to refer you to the person who is.

I strongly believe just because you have been arrested with a Nevada County DUI, it doesn’t mean you are guilty. Bad things often happen to good people. Obtaining justice for clients is about results, experience and courage. It’s about facing long odds and prevailing. It’s about doing what is right. Justice is about being your client’s warrior, not giving up quickly because it’s a tough fight.

When you've been arrested for a DUI and you don't think it's fair, you need a Nevada County DUI Attorney who can protect your rights...make sure you're treated fairly...and who knows how to get results. You've just found that law firm.

When looking for a DUI attorney, a general practice attorney is not the answer. I do not handle every type of case under the sun. I do not do family law, property law or any case that comes through the door. Instead, I have chosen to apply my efforts with a focus on the crimes, laws and defenses I know best: DUI defense. When hiring a lawyer, like a doctor, its best to hire one focusing on the problem you have.

As a member of The National College for DUI Defense, California DUI Lawyers Association and in my 18+ years as a defense attorney I have successfully helped hundreds of families and individuals through this difficult time.

Fourth, The Phillips Law Offices is not a referral firm and we don't make money splitting lawyers’ fees. (There are enough of those on the Internet). We don't practice nationwide or even statewide (As if that was truly possible). We are not a “DUI Mill”: charging cheap fees upfront, looking for high volume, where a quick guilty plea is the name of the game to turn a profit. I limit my practice to the local courts so I know the local judges and prosecutors. I am in court almost everyday and I focus on these most difficult cases to ensure you get the best DUI representation possible. I advocate AND I counsel.

But a strong advocate isn't all you need. I want you to be educated and prepared, to understand how the law works, the defenses and options available to you, and what to expect at each new phase of the case. I have found a one- on-one relationship is the ultimate key to success.

Lastly, at the Phillips Law Offices, your attorney is the one in the firm name, not an associate or experienced lawyer. I have a full time staff to provide client service, but ultimately, I personally handle each case. More importantly, I am not a "Johnny-come-Lately" feeling good about putting folks in jail as a prosecutor simply for a paycheck, then claiming to be a true advocate for rights of the accused! I have spent 18+ years asking tough questions from the defense side of the table, not easy questions to police officers or experts from the prosecution side.

If you want to find out what can be done for your situation, I'll be glad to talk with you. I know you will find my staff incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and willing to help. I am confident that you'll be impressed with my firm and what we will be able to do for you. The Phillips Law Offices represents DUI clients in all of Nevada County, including, but not limited to Grass Valley, Nevada City,Truckee, and Penn Valley.

So, if you want an attorney you can talk to, who understands what you want, who is interested in you and your situation, and who will fight to get you results, call my office today toll free at 800-978-0186 and ask Laura to schedule a confidential, no charge consultation.